About Us

OLE Rwanda has two major programmes divided into several projects.
The two programmes are:

Vulgarizing Open Education Resources (OER)Ā Strengthening grassroots educatorsā€™ participation.

The strategy in vulgarizing Open Education Resources (OER) in and with High Education Institutions (HEI) is to boost the use Open Education Resources (OER) for quality learning, teaching and to facilitate supportive research for ICTs integration in Education in Rwanda.
OLE Rwanda has developed several projects which promote several aspects of OER integration in teaching and learning in Rwanda. Open education resources is key in enhancing the use of open learning and providing teaching education resources crucial in achieving quality basic education for all by 2015.

Projects & Innovations

Documenting best teaching practices and building teaching portfolio using ICTs in Schools.OLE Rwanda is at the planning phase of using ICTs to document best teaching and learning practices and to initiate teachers to the process of building and upgrading teaching portfolios.
ICTs in Basic Education MagazineOLE Rwanda publishes ICTs in Basic Education Magazine in Partnership with the Ministry of Education.
Contextualization of Siyavula digital content to RwandaOLE Rwanda in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Shuttleworth foundation are engaged in the localization process of Siyavula Education resources in Rwanda.
Two workshops in vulgarizing Electronic Resources in Rwanda.OLE Rwanda organized two capacity building workshops in vulgarizing e-resources respectively in Kigali and at the National University of Rwanda (NUR).